We are an Exceptional Provider of Fire Protection and Equipment


In-rack fire sprinkler systems

Specifically designed for the protection of racked storage in warehouses where clients wants to store higher than the allowed height. If racks are sprinkler protected, storage height can be increased by up to 12m high – effectively increasing storage capacity in the warehouse.

Warehouse Roof sprinkler protection

Warehouse fires are extremely challenging, they spread quickly and have immense increases in heat release rate over a short period of time. Roof sprinkler protection is required to quickly extinguish any size fire and protect the building & product from burning. The Sprinkler system contains the fire in a specific area preventing spreading and causing an uncontrolled fire condition.

Office sprinkler protection

A fire can occur in any environment, be it due to electrical malfunction, human error or negligence, etc. The use of early response and quick response fire protection is crucial in office areas to allow staff to evacuate quicker, these systems will extinguish and isolate smaller fires quickly.

Sprinkler systems are installed to protect people, property and product.

Pumps & tanks

Fire pumps & tank systems are required to supply efficient amount of water for higher hazard category fire systems that need 7.5mm density or more pressure. These systems require more water than available from your local municipality, fire pumps give your system the required pressure needed to be fully operation during an emergency fire condition



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